Kajakkort - Limfjord

Leg: Løgstør - Ertebølle: 22 km (24 km)




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Starting point:

Løgstør Rowing Club (Løgstør Roklub) (GPS: 56.965099°N, 9.242000°E). You can launch your kayak from the ramp at the rowing club.

Ending point:

Viewpoint at the Stone Age Center Ertebølle (GPS: 56.810619°N, 9.173704°E) (here the kayak must be pulled up a slope) or at the end of Gamle Møllevej (56.805879°N, 9.169324°E).


Easy to moderate

Special conditions:

The waters next to Løgstør are very shallow. It will often be necessary to follow the fairway offshore for the first few kilometers before rowing closer to the shore. Alternatively, you can follow the Frederik VII's Canal to Lendrup Beach (Lendrup Strand).

Protection and considerations:




  • Løgstør Rowing Club
  • Løgstør Hostel (Løgstør Vandrerhjem)
  • Ertebølle Beach Camping, Ertebøllevej 42 9640 Farsø tlf: +45 98 63 63 75 – The kayak must be pulled up a slope (approx. 300 m) (GPS: 56.812068°N, 9.181799°E)
  • Rønbjerg Færgekro (inn), Livøvej 104,9681 Ranum tlf: 98 67 67 67 approx. 200 m from the habour (GPS: 56.890629°N, 9.168496°E)


  • Toilets in Løgstør Habour
  • Toilet at Lendrup Beach
  • Toilet in Rønbjerg Habour

Where to eat:

  • The fishmonger in Rønbjerg Habour.


  • Super Brugsen (supermarket), Limfjordsvej 17, Løgstør
  • Netto (supermarket), Limfjordsvej 1, Løgstør

Landing Spots:

  • Lendrup Beach (GPS: 56.929592°N, 9.197327°E)
  • Rønbjerg (GPS: 56.891229°N, 9.165860°E)
  • Trend Beach (GPS: 56.850605°N, 9.211542°E)

Kayak Rentals:


Tour Description:

The trip begins at Løgstør Rowing Club. You can choose to row through Løgstør Habour to the east and then row to the west, but the waters at Løgstør Grunde are very shallow and you will have to row far off the coast and follow the fairway into Løgstør Bredning. When you get to deeper waters, you will then row to the south until you reach the summer cottage area at Lendrup Strand. Alternatively, you may also choose to row the first part of the trip (approx. 5 km) in the Frederik VII’s Canal until you reach the lagoon at Lendrup Strand. The exit is silted and you will have to shortly carry your kayak to reach open water. 

The trip continues southwards along steep cliffs towards Rønbjerg. A little south of Næsby Hage a few clefts cut into the cliffs. In the southernmost cleft, a path leads to a viewpoint at an old dance hall. Parking is possible, but it will be difficult to carry kayaks up from the beach. 

A ferry leaves from Rønbjerg Habour to Livø, where you can find a fine fishmonger. 

The trip continues southeast. Vistkøl Abbey (Vitskøl Kloster) is located at the outlet of Bjørnsholm River. 

The trip ends at Ertebølle. You can go ashore at the head of Ertebølle Hoved. 


  • Frederik VII's Canal. A canal used by shipping traffic before creating the fairway in Løgstør Bredning.
  • The Limfjord Museum (Limfjordsmuseet) - Denmarks oldest swing bridge. 
  • Vitskøl Abbey (GPS: 56.868847°N, 9.212778°E).
  • Stone Age Center Ertebølle with an exhibition and reconstruction of a Stone Age settlement.
  • Ertebølle Hoved: 
  • Frederik den VII's kanal. En kanal der blev brugt af skibstrafikken før man blev i stand til at uddybe sejlrenden i Løgstør Bredning.
  • Limfjordsmuseet - Drejebroen
  • Vitskøl Kloster (GPS: 56.868847°N, 9.212778°E)
  • Ærtebølle Stenaldercenter med udstilling og en rekonstruktion af en stenalderboplads.
  • Ærtebølle Hoved: Many fossils have been found on the 20 m tall cliff.


 Løgstør turistinformation (Løgstør Tourist Information)

 Ertebølle Stenaldercenter (Stone Age Center Ertebølle)



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