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Safety and advice

Kayaking is fun, but as other water activities it is not harmless. You should ensure you have the necessary skills in relation to weather and distance and that your equipment is in good condition before you paddle out in a kayak.

We recommend that you take a beginners course in handling the kayak. These are offered by both kayaking clubs and private kayak instructors.

You should always:

  • Make sure the kayak and equipment (including safety equipment) are in good condition and appropriate for the condition
  • Check the weather forecast for the entire period you intend to paddle. Be aware that you may be delayed
  • Assess your skills in relation to the weather and distance
  • Make appointments ashore: Where do you go. How long will it take. Have a emergency plan if something unexpected happens
  • Paddle together with other paddlers
  • Wear a swim vest
  • Bring your cell phone or emergency radio so you can call for help or inform about delays
  • Bring water and extra energy
  • Bring extra clothes in drybags
  • Take into account other seafarers and give way to vessels in shipping lanes
  • Show respect for nature and people! It is not allowed to camp in tents on the beach, but you are allowed to make yourself a shelter - as long as it is not a 'tent-like structure'. Do not put your tent in other sites without permission of the landowner


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