Kajakkort - Limfjord

Leg: Amtoft - Feggesund: 7 km




 Amtoft Feggesund




Amtoft havn

Amtoft Havn



Starting point:

Amtoft harbor. (GPS: 57.00607°N, 8.94250°E). Here is the possibility of free parking on the gravel area. You can put your kayak into water just west of the harbor, here is fine sandy beach. Or in the harbor using the fine kayak bridge.

Ending point:

Amtoft harbor or Feggesund – just before the ferry port. Nice sandy beach. (GPS: 56.98393°N, 8.91070°E)
Parking possible at the old ferry berth.



Special conditions:

There is a stone right in the water surface. It is marked on the map: GPS: 56.99062°N 8.92215°E If you want to paddle on down the west side of Mors, the best crossing point is to row past the harbor and stay at Thy side until Arup Holm. Here crossing is pretty safe. There is current. You must be careful passing the ferry port. Here is a significant current and the ferry arrives often. Every 20 minute in the summer period.

Protection and considerations:





  • There is a small campsite in Amtoft. Amtoft Minicamping. Amtoft Havn, 7742 Vesløs. Tlf: 97 99 32 11 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) (GPS: 57.00648°N, 8.94144°E)
  • Tables and benches several places in the port area.


Amtoft Havn. Access to toilet, bathroom, water and launderette. (GPS: 57.00637°N, 8.94191°E)

Where to eat:




  • Grocery store near the harbor with reasonable offer of goods: MIN Købmand, Amtoftvej 22, 7742 Vesløs. (GPS: 57.007784°N, 8.941732°E)

Landing Spots:

Amtoft Havn (GPS: 57.00579°N, 8.94255°E)
Feggesund – just before the harbor (GPS: 56.98405°N, 8.90994°E)

Kayak Rentals:


Tour Description:

Small cozy trip on the 7 km to Feggesund and return. There is beautiful scenery under way with high cliffs and salt marsh. There are two stones which is unfortunate in relation to small boats sailing close to the shore. It is possible to go ashore almost the entire route. Just before Feggesund Ferry Port there is a small sandy beach, which is well suited for a rest before returning home or eventually continuing along Mors or Thy. There is a rich birdlife under way. If you want to continue on the west side of Mors is a good idea to row out to the south side of Arup Holm before crossing over to Mors.


  • Amtoft: A small cozy town (GPS: 57.00729°N, 8.94120°E)
  • Feggesund Færgefart: Small local car ferry (GPS: 56.98040°N, 8.91754°E)

Information, tourist office, boards:

Exhibition boards about Amtoft and the region under the canopy at the harbor in Amtoft.






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