Kajakkort - Limfjord

Leg: Feggesund - Sdr. Dråby: 24 km

 Feggesund SdrDraby























Ejerslev Havn



Starting point:

Feggesund: Shortly after the ferry port there is a parking spot with the possibility of long-term parking. Put the kayak off on the east side of the isthmus or take the trip around Feggesund Røn. It's about 3 km around.

Ending point:

Sdr. Dråby: Possibility of parking in the rest area south of the pier.


Easy in west wind. In other wind directions, the trip is demanding (minimum EPP2 and trip experience)

Special conditions:

You are reasonably sheltered for the west wind except at Feggesund Røn and when you pass Buksør Odde and continue on towards Sdr. Draaby.

Protection and considerations:

  • Ejerslev Røn is approx. 2 km east of Ejerslev. It is a wildlife reserve. From the 1st of April to the 31st of August you must keep a distance of 50m from the highest daily waterline. Here is almost the guarantee of seeing seals. A fantastic experience.
  • Buksør Odde: Wild Reserve. You should not come here from April 1st to July 15th. Keep away so the birds do not get disturbed. Many coastal birds use the isthmus as rest or breeding ground. Among other brent geese. On the salt meadows there is a varied plant and animal life with wild orchids and natterjacks.





  • Tent site with toilet - in the immediate vicinity of the coast. No fire place. (GPS: 56.94545°N, 8.9076°E)

Ejerslev havn:

  • Shelter and tent site - in the immediate vicinity of the coast. Facilities: Bath, water, toilet, outdoor kitchen, fire place (GPS: 56.918467°N, 8.92095°E)


  • Tent site in the immediate vicinity of the coast. Facilities: Fireplace (GPS: 56.90955°N, 8.910483°E)

Sdr. Dråby:

  • Shelter which is approximately 350 m from the harbor. There should be kayak trolleys available but they are not always in their place. Otherwise nice room with more facilities - see www.kystruten.dk



  • Toilet (GPS: 56.94545°N, 8.9076°E)

Ejerslev havn:

  • Toilet and bath (GPS: 56.918467°N, 8.92095°E)

Where to eat:




Landing Spots:

  • Ejerslev havn
  • Ejerslev lyng
  • Sdr. Dråby

Kayak Rentals:


Tour Description:

The trip around Feggesund Røn is relatively long. Here is shallow water, so sometimes it is necessary to go further out in the fjord. To the south of the ridge you pass by Feggeklit, which is a moler cliff. From the sea you have a nice view of the salt meadows, which are grazed by cattle during the summer period. Here are many different herbs and flowers including wild orchids. Shortly after you see Hulhøj, which is definitely worth a visit. At the top (41 m) you can look very far around, for example, to the Ejerslev Røn seal reservoir. If it is not too windy, it's definitely advisable to take a trip to look at seals (pay attention to seals - do not row too close). Alternatively, you continue south and pass the cozy Ejerslev harbor. Later you will pass another wildlife reserve: Buksør Odde with a rich coastal bird life. The place is used both as a resting place, but also as a breeding ground. You go around the odd and you are in Dråby Vig. A nice cove that is relatively shallow. At the bottom lies the village of Sdr. Draaby.



  • Moler cliff with Denmark's longest carpet folds.


  • Hill overlooking the seal reserves: Ejerslev Røn and Blide Røn, as well as Livø, Fur and Himmerland.

Ejerslev Havn:

  • Nice harbor with mini museum about the moler.

Sdr. Dråby:

  • A nice village. Definitely worth a walk. Here are several older buildings, among other things, a small village church without a tower. The dead trees around the church are made for sculptures of different kinds.


Visitmors.dk – Tourist office of Mors.
Kystruten.dk – website about the coast around Mors.


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