Kajakkort - Limfjord

Leg: Thisted - Sennels - Feggesund: 25 km












 Thisted Christiansgave

Thisted - Christiansgave


























Eshoej shelter

Shelter i Esøj



Starting Location:

Thisted Ro- og Kajakklub, Simons Bakke 21-23, 7700 Thisted. Free parking. Contact chairman or treasurer on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ending Location:

Feggesund Færgehavn. GPS: 56.982363°N, 8.911379°E


Medium (especially around Feggesund) - not for beginners.

Special conditions:

Near Eshøj there are several mussel banks, where it is very shallow. Strong current and possible reflex waves at Feggesund. Beware of stern waves from the ferry. The trip can be tricky to navigate by easterly winds above 5 m/s. The waves can be high in Thisted Bredning

Protection and considerations:

  • Lønnerup Fjord - no motorized vessels are allowed but kayaks and other non-motorized vessels are welcome. Shallow waters, but many birds.
  • Østerild Fjord. Nature reserve. There are quite a number of different birds here. It is not allowed to row in the fjord. Also many birds in the Limfjord. Do not row too close to the birds. Special attention during the breeding season. It is shallow by Arup embankment. Therefore there are many wading birds in this area. You may go ashore for bird watching. If possible, include a pair of binoculars.



Thisted (immediately on the beach):

  • Hotel Limfjorden (Simons Bakke 39, 7700 Thisted). It is possible to go ashore at the beach and walk up to the hotel (less than 100 m).
  • Thisted Camping og hytteferie, Iversensvej 3, 7700 Thisted (thisted-camping.dk). The campsite is situated right next to the Limfjord.


  • Shelters with campfire, Eshøjvej 2, 7700 Thisted (Situated on the beach less than 25 m). GPS: 56.946009°N, 8.757119°E



  • Public toilet: at I.P. Jacobsens Plads (app. 200m).
  • Several gas stations in the harbor with toilet

Malle Strand:

  • Public toilet about 150 m from landing stage. GPS: 56.954201°N, 8.692515°E

Where to eat:

Thisted on the harbour:

  • Cafe Salto, Havnetorv 3, 7700 Thisted (cafesalto.dk)
  • Restaurant Bryggen, Sydhavnsvej 9, 7700 Thisted (www.bryggen.eu)
  • Several places further up in the city

Thisted at Roklubben:

  • Geo Pizza, Simons Bakke 110A, 7700 Thisted 
  • Foderbrættet, Dragsbækvej 82, 7700 Thisted (www.foderbrattet.dk)



  • At the rowing club (about 150 m) – KIWI, Simons Bakke 72, 7700 Thisted and ALDI, Simons Bakke 74, 7700 Thisted; 
  • At the harbour: Netto, Sydhavnsvej 1, 7700 Thisted (less than 100 m from the harbour); Føtex, Storegade 2, 7700 Thisted (about 250 m from the harbour)


Landing Spots:

  • Synopalhavnen. GPS: 56.949830°N, 8.721269°E
  • Eshøj. GPS: 56.94576°N, 8.75416°E
  • Malle Strand. GPS: 56.96000°N, 8.79134°E
  • Hovsør embankment (north - sand beach). GPS: 56.99349°N, 8.83189°E
  • Feggesund - just around the harbour entrance is a fine sandy beach. GPS: 56.98366°N, 8.91084°E

Kayak Rentals:


Tour Description:

From the rowing club the tour goes past the centre of Thisted and the harbour. There is traffic in and out of the port, so watch out for other vessels and possible stern waves. Row further along the coast. At some places it is quite shallow. To begin with you pass Thisted Camping. Next location shortly after is Synopalhavnen - an old commercial port, which now houses "Thy Cable Park".Continue towards the Eshøj. Here is an opportunity for a rest at the shelter and you may go for a hike in Eshøj Plantage, a plantation with a wide variety of species of trees. About 3 km further on you arrive at Malle Beach. Here there are benches and tables to rest at and a public toilet. The next 10 kilometers is rich in bird life with different birds according to the season. Lønnerup Fjord can be reached through the dam at low tide. Alternatively, take your kayak up in the northern corner of the Hovsør Dam and make a little tour in the fjord before heading on. From Hovsør the tour goes past Hovsør Røn and Arup Dam, that separates Østerild Fjord from the Limfjord. Østerild Fjord is part of Vejlerne (a nature reserve), where you may observe more than 300 different bird species and 130 different breeding birds, so bring your binoculars. It is possible to stop at the Arup Dam and look into the Østerild Fjord with its rich birdlife. Before Feggesund you must pass Arup Holm. It is also fairly shallow here. By Feggesund there is a strong current and a risk of reflex waves. In addition a ferry crosses every 20 minutes, so caution is needed. It is possible to go ashore on the sandy beach just around the ferry port. Crossing from Sennels Hage to Arup Holm is only recommended for experienced paddlers and do not go alone, but stay in a group.


  • Thisted: The largest city in North Jutland. See da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thisted. See, for example Thisted Museum (200 m from the harbour) or take a stroll in the cozy streets with many ancient houses close to the harbour.
  • Søsportscenter (Thy Cable Park – Cold Hawaii Inland) at Synopalhavn (including wakeboard – see thycablepark.dk). GPS: 56.950178°N, 8.722483°E.
  • Eshøj Plantage: Eshøj plantation is a special forest with many special species of trees and with a fine and extensive flora. The forest is located right on the Limfjord at the shelter site.
  • Lønnerup Fjord – may be used by non motor vessels - many bird species.
  • Østerild Fjord: can be seen from Arup Dam. Nature reserve - no sailing allowed. Many different bird species.





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