Kajakkort - Limfjord

Leg: Vildsund - Thisted: 9 km










Ås Bugt

Ås Bugt





Thisted Old Town Hall

Starting point:

Free parking at Vildsund port on the Thy side (Gl. Færgevej, Vildsund, 7700 Thisted (GPS: 56.882528°N, 8.628154°E) and on the Mors side by the harbor.

Ending point:

In Thisted at the rowing club, Simons Bakke 21-23, 7700 Thisted. Parking available on parking spot by the club

In Thisted harbor (GPS: 56.952649°N, 8.693559°E). More free parking spots at the harbor.


Easy, if the wind is from the west.

Special conditions:

Coastal paddling recommended by winds above 5 m/s. The coastline is especially good for westly, northly and partly southly winds. Alertness needed at easterly winds above 5 m/s.

Protection and considerations:





  • Campingsite: Vildsund Camping, Parkvej 33A, 7700 Thisted (vildsund.dk-camp.dk) – about 350 meters from the beach
  • Hotel Vildsund Strand, Ved Stranden 2, 7700 Thisted (www.vildsundstrand.dk) (very close to the beach)
  • Øst Vildsund Færgekro, Sundbyvej 238, 7950 Erslev (www.vildsundkro.dk) (very close to the beach on the Mors side)
  • Shelter with fireplace and primitive toilet. Water available at the harbor (located on Skyumvej towards Skyum, GPS: 56.876168°N, 8.629706°E). It is difficult to go ashore at the shelter site because of the stone setting.


Toilet at the harbor of Østvildsund (Mors side (GPS: 56.884300°N, 8.638383°E). Requires a cross at Vildsundbroen - Alertness on vessel traffic and stream.

Where to eat:




  • Gas station - OK Plus, Vildsundvej 15, 7700 Thisted (limited selection)


  • At the rowing club (about 150 m) – KIWI, Simons Bakke 72, 7700 Thisted and ALDI, Simons Bakke 74, 7700 Thisted.
  • At the harbor: Netto, Sydhavnsvej 1, 7700 Thisted (less than 100 m from the harbor). Føtex, Storegade 2 7700 Thisted (about 250 meters from the harbor)

Landing Spots:

Between Vildsund and Thisted: Foreshore with opportunity for pause several places but no direct access to public roads between Vildsund and Thisted.

In Thisted at the rowing club, Simons bakke 21-23, 7700 Thisted

In Thisted at the harbor. GPS: 56.952649°N, 8.693559°E

Kayak Rentals:


Tour Description:

Just north of Vildsund on the beach it is possible to find many fossils among the stones. Then comes a longer distance with high, beautiful cliffs with varied hardwood plantation and meadows with deers. You reach Silstruphoved approximately after 6 km. It is a Moler cliff with obvious ash and moler layers. Here, it is possible to find fossils too.


  • Silstruphoved: Thy is the only place where moler is coming to the surface and probably the only place in Denmark where moler is located in its original place. Nevertheless, you can see the layers from ice age, consisting of alternating moler and dark volcanic ash strongly pushed up by the ice.
  • Vildsundbroen: Is a arch bascule bridge leading highway 26 cross Vilsund (Limfjorden) between Mors and Thy. The bridge was officially opened on July 16, 1939. The bridge has a total length of 380 meters, spread over 5 arches and one link span in the middle
  • Thisted: The largest city in North West Jutland. See da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thisted. See, for example. Thisted Museum (200 meters from the harbor) or go for a walk in the cozy streets with many older houses next to the harbor. The Søsportscenter by Synopalhavn (including wakeboard - see thycablepark.dk (GPS: 56.950178°N, 8.722483°E).





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